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According to Blumenthal, Damara-type sheep occur in most of Africa’s desert areas, including Nigeria, Mali, Niger and Mauritania. About 100 F1 ewes (50% Damara:50% Merino). The breed then moved down to the present day Namibia and Angola. prices dependent on restricted supply, rather than on growing demand. Research has indicated that up to 64% of the diet of the Damara sheep can consist of browsing material. The Damara sheep has a diverse diet. A well-known breed characteristic is its fat tail, which tapers to a point. Login / Register. Damara are not polled, says Blumenthal, as the horns are formidable weapons against predators. The crossbred "Damino" rams have been exported live at Since importing his first Damaras from Namibia in the late 1980s, stud breeder Frank Blumenthal has firmly believed in the integrity of the breed. The Damara sheep has a fairly high resistance to most sheep diseases and they have a good tolerance against internal parasites. As they are also self shedders, they combine well with the Wiltshires to produce a breed known as Meatmasters. Chocolate’s genetics can now be found as far afield as Canada, Mexico, Yemen and Australia, and were used extensively in the upbreeding of the Damara. The commercialisation and … Continue reading → Most of … A llama whose job it is to guard the sheep from predators. Live export of Damara-Merino cross sheep is already Damara Wiltshire ram, friendly eats out of your hand n likes a scratch. Sort by . Material on this site is protected by copyright. Ten ( 10 ) animals were excluded from the experiment after the adaptation period before the trial commenced due to signs of sickness and four mortalities. Their are very few Damara sheep in NZ. The highest-priced ram sold for R22 000, and the highest-priced ewe for R4 700. © 2021 Farmer's Weekly Magazine | Caxton Magazines Digital |, Israeli technologies could boost SA agriculture, Easy-to-grow brinjals ensure steady profits, Backyard broiler business: Start small, dream big, Early rainfall could lead to fall armyworm infestations, Langkloof hailstorm damages apple, pear crop, Invitation for Expression of Interest In Milk Afric. The body is long, oval and fairly deep. The auction was a great success, which Blumenthal ascribed to the large number of potential buyers who attended, as well as a renewed interest in pure animal breeds. DAMARA sheep are a unique breed of meat sheep. Special Notes. Email Frank Blumenthal at [email protected]. the meat is the favoured food in the hungry Middle East and should also find ready markets in Asia and North America. Damara for sale in South Africa. Ewes can be mated at 30 to 36 weeks, with first lambing at 52 to 58 weeks. The Damara Sheep, Nguni Cattle, and the Indigenous Goat all have still retained the variation that characterized them for centuries. Embryos are also transferred to Australia and the breed is used as a base for a new breed called the Meat Master. Damara sheep are a unique meat breed completely adapted to Australian climate. The sheep are very alert and can spot a predator from afar. In 1904, this long-legged sheep breed was seen by German explorers in the northern region of Namibia, which was then called Gross Damaland – hence it became known as the Damara Sheep. Sixty-four sheep, 32 Damara breed, and 32 Meatmaster breed were used in a 30-day trial. At one time, local farmers who used copper in their traditional attire, exchanged Damara Sheep for copper wire … The Damara Herero, Namaqua and the Kam Karrin Hottentot tribes farmed and traded with what has become the Damara sheep of today. He says that the red tape involved in moving live animals across borders had now become too intricate to warrant importing livestock from Namibia. Blumenthal, who is dedicated to the preservation of pure Damara genetics, believes In May, Zandraai Farms hosted a Damara auction in the newly constructed auction complex on the farm. The Damara sheep are kept on Karoo-type veld and grain stover. It is not uncommon to find a lamb trotting behind its mother 15 minutes after lambing begins. Check it out! The Damara sheep is a fairly large sheep in terms of shoulder height. Damara Sheep tolerate heat well and are able to walk long distances, making use of feed away from watering points. The indigenous Damara sheep are highly adaptable and selected by nature for exceptional fertility and foraging ability. R 54 000 . Doing well in an unforgiving climate The first Damaras Find the best Damara price! per year. “This ram set the genetic standard for my flock and to this day we reap the benefit of his contributions in terms of, among others, accelerated growth.”. The ewes have a reproductive lifespan of between eight and 13 years because of their strong, well-developed teeth, among other attributes. What first attracted Blumenthal to the Damara was that the breed did not merely survive, but thrived in the hostile desert conditions of western Namibia. They don't need shearing, crutching or docking. 4 female sheep for sale. The Finn sheep wool was ideal for spinning and crafts, while the Damara sheep had ''hair rather than fleece'' so did not need to be shorn, making them an ideal lifestyle sheep, Mrs Foster said. The crossbred "Damino" rams have been exported live at premium prices and the ewes have gone into further upgrading. They are a friendly breed and used to being shepherded by people, rather than by dogs. Damara for sale. We would appreciate notification of use. This enabled him to establish a wide genetic base. They are low cost survivors. The colours and patterns of the Damara sheep are part of the wonderful heritage of this breed, and it is important to keep the variability of colour into the future. Damaras are like the Brahmans, which saved our northern beef industry. With survival of the fittest being the main selection criterion in nature, only the hardiest and most adaptable animals have survived over the millennia, thus retaining the breed’s robust genetics. They originate in East Asia and Egypt which explains their great adaptation to high temperatures and harsh environments. The ewes have smaller, curled horns with a sharp point. For many years the sheep were in an isolated region of Namibia and thus remained free of influence from other breeds. “A Chocolate descendant took the honours at the Perth National Damara Championships in 1998,” he says. Purpose of Investigation. The name Damara has come from the area Damara of Namibia.. He thus sees it as his responsibility to manage the herd in such a way that the genetic value is expanded and not compromised. The breed is highly resistant to disease and not susceptible to heartwater and gallsickness in the arid southern Free State. It drops down in the neck, rising to the withers from where it declines slightly to rise again over well-developed loins. Fat tailed sheep arrived in South Africa between 200 and 400 AD. On the day of Farmer’s Weekly’s visit, the ewes kept a keen eye on the vehicle and photographer, constantly moving away, and the flock stuck together. One of the oldest sheep breeds in South Africa, the Damara is a fat-tail breed suitable for farming in harsh and dry conditions. 26/11/2020. Leura, NSW. The breed is highly resistant to disease and not susceptible to heartwater and gallsickness in the arid southern Free State. The Damara sheep is a meat sheep breed. The average inter-lambing period is between 30 and 34 weeks, and multiple births are common. He and Blumenthal run the stud in a profit-sharing partnership, with Greeff in charge of the day-to-day business. Low average lambing weights of between 4kg and 4,5kg mean very few lambing problems. It feeds on grass, bush and shrubs and can almost be classified as a browser. Between 10 and 15 rams are used for every 100 ewes, which makes for easier management, according to Barend Greeff, the general manager and a shareholder in the Damara stud. However we encourage people to copy, print, resend or make links to any article providing the source, including web address, is acknowledged. Of interest, as Damaras went into decline from an estimated flock size of 100,000 in Queensland to less than 50,000 and Dorpers increased in favour, Damara cross ewes were and are used as a desirable dam for breeding up programs by many Qld meat sheep producers with outstanding results and high market acceptance of their “meat master” lambs. “The sheep are virtually unaffected by internal and external parasites on my farm,” says Blumenthal. Through strict selection for improved growth, muscling and breed integrity, its appearance has changed considerably. Constantly growing numbers of Damara, F1 and F2 (75% Damara) lambs. “The flocking instinct makes life difficult for stock thieves and it would be exceedingly difficult to catch an individual animal,” Blumenthal says. store of fat reserves laid down in good times for use in the drought. The Damara breed is well suited for the modern-day farmers to decrease the input and production costs.. © 2021 Common Sense Pty Ltd, ACN 010 532 064. in Namibia, as poor control allowed the animals to crossbreed with other breeds. OLX South Africa offers online, local & free classified ads for new & second hand Livestock. The name of the breed was derived from the specific region wher… 31/12/2020. Their fat tail is like the camel's hump - a radically new management skills and facilities needed. Lambing problems have also been largely eliminated. They Pure Darmara Ram Very big boy. Breed characteristics He compares the Damara with the Brahman, which formed the basis of synthetic breeds such as the Simbra. The animals came from a wide area north of Kamanjab and SheepGrootfontein. “The tail fat is of the highest quality, with a fine white texture. The Free State farmer says that the modern indigenous Damara has over the years evolved into a well-muscled animal with outstanding disease resistance and fertility under the hottest, driest conditions. The name is derived from the Damara area of Namibia where the largest number of animals is found. A modern sheep The Damara is … The Damara Sheep is a functionally efficient animal and its good performance in South Africa has created a "snow-ball" effect. Chocolate Rams are changed through our flock every six to 12 months. Frank Blumenthal’s passion for his Damaras is almost tangible. This places the Damara in the same feeding category as goats. Ram Pure Damara sheep. Damara ewes can have their first lamb by the time they are one year old. Even during the drought situation, the Damara has achieved 100% lambing.. The Damara is a breed of domestic sheep and was originally from Eastern Asia and Egypt. Damara for sale. Explore 5 listings for Damara for sale at best prices. premium prices and the ewes have gone into further upgrading. Damaras are a breed of fat-tailed hair sheep from Africa, renowned for their strong flocking instinct and multi-coloured coats. Lambing percentages average from 110% to 130%. He purchased the animal in the early 1990s and says he was close to perfect. The top-line over the head is arched. The sheep have been naturally selected to deal with extremes.”. Blumenthal and his family farm on Zandraai (6 000ha) on the banks of the Orange River, near Luckhoff in the Free State. The Damara is legendary for its fertility, and even during the recent devastating drought, a 100% lambing percentage was maintained on Zandraai. The commercialisation and characterisation of the breed started at the Omatjenne Research Station near Otjiwarongo in Namibia in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Pure Damara will be even more attractive once we breed up sufficient numbers. A reducing flock of merino ewes, surrogate mothers of some Damara embryos. One interesting aspect of the variation in these breeds is the wide range of colours that occurs in each of them. Strongest demand during religious period of … Damara sheep for sale in South Africa Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Damara sheep for sale in South Africa . As hair sheep they don't need shearing. The breed originated from wild Asian sheep such as the Moufflon, Argali and Urial and its ancestors entered Africa through Europe, moving south along the east coast of the continent. “Breeders are realising the value of the Damara and the fact that it is genetically so far removed from other sheep breeds in the country,” says Blumenthal. Temperatures fluctuate from below freezing in winter to the high 30s in summer, and the annual average rainfall is about 250mm. Any animal born in the Blumenthal stud that is not true to form is immediately removed in order to conserve the genetic veracity of the flock. 2 damara 1 merino X dorper ( possibly in lamb) Ages vary from 10 months to 2 yrs 200 each. See more ideas about sheep, goats, sheep breeds. They have smooth clean rear ends, unattractive to blow flies. The cheapest offer starts at R 500. Damaras come in all The flock normally consists of about 1 000 animals kept in 21 camps, each with its own watering point. The animals were approximately 7 months old, with 16 males and 16 females per breed. A Damara will graze, or simply lie down, in the blazing sun, unaffected by excessive heat. Also have a fourth border Leicester X for sale $200. The Damara is well suited to the challenges of modern-day sheep farming, with its ever-increasing input and production costs. From a conservation view point, they need to be preserved, but perhaps the new owner needs to be dedicated to the cause, rather than after low maintenance sheep? This breed also excels in walking long distances and rough foraging. The fat on the carcass forms a 1mm to 2mm layer, which makes it ideally suited to today’s health-conscious consumer. $200 Negotiable. 1 - 4 of 4 ads. Because of their strong maternal instinct, a rejected lamb is practically unheard of. Although it is a hardy breed with strong walking ability and is an indeterminate grazer, Blumenthal has worked hard over the years to develop the modern Damara, as it is now known in South Africa. they can be used immediately to convert Australia's huge and sometimes unprofitable Merino flocks to low maintenance meat sheep. It’s an ideal ingredient in sausage-making, especially droëwors during the hunting season,” says Blumenthal. The Damara is noted for its high value skin ("glove" quality). The Damara is the best breed for Africa’s harsh and arid farming areas.. Feb 23, 2015 - Explore Jessica Doak's board "Damara sheep" on Pinterest. Blumenthal brought his first Damaras to South Africa from Namibia in 1987 and continued importing them until 1992. We run a closed flock and have only introduced rams from two other Damara Studs in the last 6 years. It is raised primarily for meat production. Approximately 200 of the best animals were put up for sale. Zandraai Farms specialises in the production of export-quality popcorn and wheat under irrigation. $150. Pets & Animals. Damara sheep can survive in harsh environments under poor nutritional conditions. The Damara is well suited to the challenges of modern-day sheep farming, with its ever-increasing input and production costs. 3 years old $250. Produces beautiful lambs See photos of lambs Wormed Phone or or message There are very few 'fat tailed' sheep breeds at all, in NZ. 30 days ago. established from Western Australia where Damara numbers are greatest. He knew from the first time he came across the Damara in 1979 in the far northern corners of Namibia that this was the ideal sheep breed for South Africa’s harsh, arid farming areas. The mating season lasts from November to December to ensure that the ewes finish lambing by June. Includes Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Qatar where buyers pay premium for ram lambs which they use for religious and cultural traditions such as Halal. At the time of Farmer’s Weekly’s visit, the flock was down to 800 animals. They have been performing successfully in wheatbelt regions and pastoral country of Australia. They have adapted to extreme climates and harsh environments across many countries such as Egypt, South … He was determined to acquire as many of the true Kaokoland Damaras as possible, and therefore obtained animals from a variety of owners and breeders. One 3 monrh old ewe lamb and one 4 month old damara wilrshire x lamb $150 each.phone mark on . they can be used immediately to convert Australia's huge and sometimes unprofitable Merino flocks to low maintenance meat sheep. Search. In this way, the Damara formed the basis of breeds such as the Meatmaster. “I’m far too loyal to my breed to even consider crossbreeding,” he says. Email field should not be … Sheep damara whiltshire cross. The letter starting each sheep’s name usually indicates which ewe line the sheep has been born into. Sheep for sale skape tekoop meatmasters and damara. The Damara Sheep Breeder’s Society was established in 1992. no large consumer end market - enthusiasts selling to enthusiasts. The name of the breed is derived from the Damara area of Namibia. The Damara’s success in a crossbreeding concern is due to its strong hybrid vigour. Indigenous sheep breeds of South Africa are mostly animals well-adapted to extreme climates such as arid hot areas and are often of slender built with fat tails, used for meat production. The Damara sheep breed possesses the ability to produce a fleece consisting of two distinct coats (fine and coarse fibres). Saudi Arabia alone imports an estimated 6 million fat tail sheep The rams have a strong, masculine head with spiral horns. Things to know. Since he first started breeding Damaras, his average ewe weight has increased from 30kg to 55kg, while the rams’ average weight increased from 50kg to more than 85kg. there are only about 3 000 genetically pure Damaras left in South Africa, and even fewer West Rand, Gauteng. Their strong flocking instinct makes mustering easy; the sheep are very alert and can spot a predator from afar. Damara meat is juicy and tasty, with a fine texture, and is not mottled with fat. Three carefully selected rams from Omatjenne formed the foundation of Blumenthal’s flock. are agile and alert, and stick together in herds for mutual protection against predators. It reached Southern Africa some two thousand years ago, where it spread to northern Namibia and the southern parts of Angola. Ananzi.co.za. colours, and flocks are quite pretty. Comm… And they are very fertile, all-season breeders. It then follows the line of a typical sloping rump. The colour variation … The Middle East is primary target market for live Damara Sheep exports. We found 1 additional ad in surrounding suburbs. The farm’s official carrying capacity is one smallstock unit on 3,5ha, and the flock is rotated according to grazing conditions. Visit zandraaifarms.co.za. “A salt lick is the only supplemental feed my flock receives. Mullaloo, WA. Blumenthal’s eyes light up when he speaks about Chocolate, a legendary ram that played a decisive role in his flock. The meat is juicy, lightly marbled and flavoursome, without the strong smell of mutton disliked by many consumers. They are found in northwestern Namibia (Kaokoland) and southern Angola where they were herded relatively free from external influences, by the local inhabitants (Himbaand Tjimba).

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