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PSA has called for transformational change in the pharmacy profession within five years. They build upon the education and training received during pharmacy school and further prepare pharmacists to make meaningful contributions to patient care. Additionally, he or she must gain the proper licensing, which requires passing two tests. The median annual wage for pharmacists was $128,090 in May 2019. CAREER BOOST: 5 TIPS TO CONSIDER FOR YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. You can adjust. Such a future workforce strategy should be developed by the broader pharmacy sector and pharmacist profession working together toward common objectives and fully informed by the best available data and evidence relating to future supply and demand as well as the major national and international health and medicines trends. Mission of Pharmacy Practice. Did you register yet? Job Outlook. I Like to Work Directly with Patients. Have you considered the future of pharmacy lately? However, the figurative gap between community-based pharmacies and ambulatory clinics is beginning to narrow with the provision of direct patient care services by pharmacists in what have historically been referred to as retail pharmacies. In the future… 1. I started teaching... read more, How are you doing? An example of this in Kentucky is SB 101, an act allowing pharmacists to administer immunizations under protocol to patients down to nine years of age. They must also be licensed, which requires passing two exams. That is something even the pharmacy profession as a whole is grappling with, and there are huge potentials there as well. According to projections from the Institute for Healthcare […] Despite the history of the profession as a product-driven, mercantile business, recent advances in pharmacy practice have led to an interesting evolution of the profession towards a more robust and diverse model for the delivery of direct patient care services. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-pharmacist-is-out-supermarkets-close-pharmacy-counters-11580034600. In January of 2018, according to URAC, the pharmacy industry witnessed the introduction of The Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act (H.R. © Copyright 2019 Two Pharmacists. The pharmacy profession is on the cusp of a significant transition from a product-driven profession to a service-driven profession. Specialty pharmacy fills represent around 24 percent of … It is certain that many health conditions will be a greater challenge to our health care system with the increasing aging population. This has opened the door for more collaborative practice. The median annual wage for pharmacists was $128,090 in May 2019. Pharmacy Technician Future 2020. On the federal level, provider status is being sought to improve patient access to healthcare through pharmacist delivered patient care services (115th Congress: Pharmacy and Medically Under-served Areas Enhancement Act, HR 592 and S 109). Provision of patient counseling 8. It is an exciting time to be a pharmacist or pursuing a career in pharmacy! Your email address will not be published. Happy New Year! Opportunities continue to abound and if you develop a mindset to adapt with the changes, you may experience your dream career! There are many reasons to consider a career as a pharmacist. Contemporary pharmacy education strives to prepare entry-level practitioners who can advance the health and wellness of their community through the provision of direct patient care regardless of the setting in which pharmacists practice. Happy 2020: What a year and a decade will it be? What other aspects of pharmacy can I expect to change? You have heard and read it a thousand times: “Pharmacy needs to transform from product to service.” For the better part of 30, maybe even 40, years, leaders in our profession have espoused a movement toward services as the future of the profession of pharmacy. Pharmacists, once licensed, may enter directly into practice or pursue further education through a residency. The Veterans Administration uses its Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) systems to gain better control over prescriptions for controlled substances. The pharmacy profession is on the cusp of a significant transition from a product-driven profession to a service-driven profession. Pharmacists are accessible in all healthcare settings: inpatient, … It is an exciting time to be a pharmacist or pursuing a career in pharmacy! Although the pharmacy model may change, I believe that pharmacists will still have jobs because there always will be a … Transforming clinical decision support (CDS) The future of CDS looks exciting, with new inroads in … Legislative initiatives to advance the role of pharmacists and expand access to quality healthcare are being actively pursued. Benefits of pharmacists in primary care settings include: I’ve got news for you: THERE ARE MORE THAN JUST THESE THREE CAREERS! Enhanced patient care, greater patient satisfaction, Greater use of evidence-based guidelines and medications, More effective navigation of insurance coverage, A decrease in primary care physician burnout. Recent pharmacists worked on developing robotics, bar-code medication administration (BCMA) technology, and automated dispensing cabinets. An increasingly integral part of the healthcare system. Just how much do we currently rely on informatics? Direct patient care services are provided in pharmacies by pharmacists in collaboration with other healthcare practitioners such as physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to maximize the health and wellness of patients. Dimos: One would be point-of-care testing. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), the practice of pharmacy involves the: 1. I wanted to check in to see how... read more, 1. What is your background and what program are you pursuing... read more, This week if you are feeling anxious, feeling lost, isolated, demotivated,... read more. These are both true, and I am excited about what the future holds for the profession and for those who are pursuing a career as a pharmacist. Informatics is the study of the best practices in information accrual, handling, dissemination, and comprehension using appropriate technology. What Will Be the Future of Pharmacy Practice? Keep a positive mindset. Modern healthcare is complex and getting more complicated all the time. When you consider that 14,502 first professional de­grees in pharmacy were awarded in the 2016-2017 school year, it’s clear that supply is far outpacing demand. They must also be licensed, which requires passing two exams. Pharmacists are medication experts who work with the healthcare team to help patients achieve individualized healthcare goals. Required fields are marked *. Interpretation, evaluation and implementation of medical orders 2. The Future of Pharmacy is About the Patient Experience By McKesson October 15, 2018 It’s a cliché to say that the healthcare landscape is changing. Pharmacy informatics is defined by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists as the integration and use of knowledge, information, technology, data and automation in the medication-use process. As we plunge into a brand new decade,... read more, During this time of confusion, uncertainty and adversity, it is normal... read more, THE PHARMACY INNOVATORS WORKSHOP 2020! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Despite projections in some pharmacy settings such as the retail setting, it’s still a good time to be a pharmacist. In addition to helping manage chronic diseases, pharmacists have become critical in disease prevention and other public health activities through the administration of immunizations and advancing access to naloxone for the treatment of opioid overdoses. The Society now has a clear commitment to support pharmacy practice research to underpin the drive to move the profession forward. Despite many advances to the practice of pharmacy many people still perceive the community pharmacist as one who ‘just’ dispenses medications. As innovations in life sciences and new technology disrupt the health care value chain, consumers are increasingly focused on well-being, demanding greater health care access, convenience, and customized products. Pharmacists are competent professionals who may address the higher prevalence of multiple chronic disorders, symptoms and geriatric syndromes, functional impairment, poor compliance and adverse drug events that are common among older persons. The Carillion Clinic in Virginia is using an electronic medical records (EMR) system to provide post-discharge pharmacy consultations remotely. Copyright © 2012 by DW Focus. Postgraduate training programs are another important part of the profession’s future. The Society now has a clear commitment to support pharmacy practice research to underpin the drive to move the profession … achieving target A1c rates, improved blood pressure and adherence rates). We’ll continue to highlight pharmacy careers of the future as the year progresses. 592/S. Before becoming a pharmacist, one needs to undergo a 4-year professional degree in Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D). Have you considered working alongside physicians in primary care? As care extenders, care is provided for patients with chronic illnesses to improve health and wellness and positively impact quality metrics (e.g. Amazon, are the future of this profession, even though that will undoubtedly mean massive layoffs of pharmacists and technicians, along with closure of … This legislation provides a new channel for reimbursement of patient care services that will not only demonstrate the importance of our profession but also provide financial benefits. Is pharmacy a good career? Professionals in this field are tasked with the development, implementation and application of technology related to pharmacological practices. These services are focused at helping manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders, asthma and COPD to name a few. Administration of medication 5. Review of drug regimens 6. Federal legislation for pharmacy provider status is not a want, but a need, for the future of pharmacy. Americans should choose a pharmacist they trust and build a partnership for good health. Your email address will not be published. Seniors represent 15.6% of the US population, about 1 in 6 Americans. The advances in technology of all kinds, and their impact on the profession, are a serious concern. They have said, “We can’t rely on product … Consider pursuing additional training to learn new skills dealing with any type of automation, technology or information system. Many pharmacists are now wondering, where will I fit in? Research about drugs and related topics 7. In the future, pharmacists should be able to easily triage or refer patients to other health and community organizations and also have a system in place to receive referrals. Meet Dr.McRae – Ph.D Candidate from University of Maryland, Baltimore, PACE Yourself and Improve Your Resilience, Save and protect you and your teammates from #Zoombies, Planning for your Career amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, JOB OUTLOOK 2020: 3 Careers for the Future of Pharmacy. Growth of the Specialty Pharmacy Market. The pharmacist is a key health care professional in helping people achieve the best results from their medications. We are covering discounts, PTCB Proposed Changes (CREST), and how to make the most out of our role as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy is in a unique position in providing easily accessible expert health advice direct to customers, which leads to increased levels of patient self-care. They talk through the workforce challenges facing the profession of pharmacy… Your pharmacy’s future depends on being able to offer an omni-channel experience to your patients. Opportunity awaits! But that evolution has real consequences for retail pharmacies big and small and the pharmacists who practice in them. Compounding and labelin… The future of pharmacy has been an ongoing discussion for some years. Patients could go to your pharmacy … Every day, pharmacists make a difference in people’s lives. Participation in the selection of drugs and medical devices 4. Pharmacy Technicians are currently in very high demand and this demand is expected to continue through at least 2025. This will allow pharmacists in designated medically under-served areas to get reimbursed for the provision of direct patient care services. What pharmacy innovations would make future pharmacies solution centers for the sick? Yes, I believe pharmacy is a good career because it comes with a sizeable salary and flexible working hours. Greater than 237,000 Americans have died as a result of being infected by the novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) as of early November 2020. The Pharmacy Forecast is a vital component of the Foundation’s efforts to advance pharmacy practice leadership, and the Foundation appreciates the many pharmacists and others who have contributed to the David A. Zilz Leaders for the Future … -Cindy Stowe is dean of the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in Louisville, Ky. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a six-percent increase in the number of pharmacy jobs over the next eight years, amounting to roughly 17,400 jobs between 2016 and 2026. So what could that future state look like? A simple explanation for the under-utilization is related to the reimbursement model for most pharmacy services. Dr. Todd Sorensen, President of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Innovation at the University of Minnesota joins Tim Ulbrich on this episode. These All Rights Reserved. Genetic variations in genes can affect a body’s response to a drug. 50 challenge statements for the profession of pharmacy to consider in stimulating transformation. Pharmacy techs and AI will become the future of pharmacy. In addition to diverse opportunities, pharmacists also enjoy very high starting salaries compared with most health professions. Character to build for your aspiring career: I have a dream! With this, the PPhA held an online forum, titled “ Looking Forward: The Future of Pharmacy Profession in the Philippines. Big data/AI and big techs, i.e. Pay. I believe that today, more than any other time in my career, the profession needs pharmacists who are leaders – not only committed to improving the health and wellness of their patients but willing to advocate for their profession. Pharmacy … -Cindy Stowe is dean of the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in Louisville, Ky. The headlines read, “The Pharmacist Is Out: Supermarkets Close Pharmacy Counters.”  Link: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-pharmacist-is-out-supermarkets-close-pharmacy-counters-11580034600. ), a 4-year professional degree. Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) Vision of Pharmacy Practice 2015 Technology is everywhere. In this article, we take a look at some key issues within pharmacy and medicines information that are set to shape the year ahead. Over the years, APhA has maintained a So to answer the question I asked in the headline, yes, clinical pharmacy is the future of our profession, and it will happen in a wide range of practice settings. One of the many exciting developments in the pharmacy profession is the growth of a discipline, known as pharmacogenomics. You have heard and read it a thousand times: “Pharmacy needs to transform from product to service.” For the better part of 30, maybe even 40, years, leaders in our profession have espoused a movement toward services as the future of the profession of pharmacy. Background: New and innovative ways to efficiently and effectively deliver pharmacy services are necessary to ensure the future viability of the pharmacy profession. You can adapt. Advancing the pharmacy technician profession can influence the future of your business—and the future of the pharmacy profession. The pharmacy industry in Australia is undergoing significant digital and regulatory transformation. Pay. This bill was approved by both houses of the legislature and signed by Governor Matt Bevin, ensuring that pharmacists can deliver healthcare to more patients. ), a 4-year professional degree. Pharmacists provide a wide array of health screening services such as blood pressure, blood glucose and bone density. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “The number of people aged 65 or older is projected to grow from an estimated 524 million in 2010 to nearly 1.5 billion in 2050.”  In addition, by 2050, there will be more people 65 years or older than children younger than 5 years of age. As Pharmacies expand patient care services, the role of and need for pharmacy technicians will also expand. 109), as well as an … As a pharmacist who has spent my entire career in academia, I have participated in numerous pharmacy school candidate interviews and a consistent finding is that most applicants state that they want to be a pharmacist because they have a desire to help people and they value the diversity of career paths within the pharmacy profession. Dispensing of prescription drugs 3. There have been many visions for the pharmacy profession but the most recent from the English Government was way back in 2008 – the pharmacy white paper, Building on Strengths – Delivering the Future. Another pharmacist was involved in designing a new pharmacy from the ground up using a lot of automation and technology. How will the future of pharmacy take shape? That means it will also need new talent management protocols to find, recruit and retain the right people and to be able to scale its staff as the pharmacy … Innovative Pharmacy Career Mapping Workshop April 23, 2020! Pharmacy students weigh in: Understanding sundowning, opioid abuse, Abuse Deterrent Formulations and medication synchronization. Pharmacy Wisdom Nuggets: What advice would you give to your younger self? Plan to attend... read more, You can consider your personal brand in some ways like a... read more, Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day! The pharmacy of the future will need new skill sets, competencies and service expectations to be successful. Pharmacists must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D. The Cleveland Clinic, for example, used informatics to better program its alert alarms while reducing the risk for infusion pump programming errors related to high-risk medications. Future Directions for Pharmacy: Two summary themes of organizational change and better external relationships have emerged as the key future directives for pharmacy in the coming 5-10 years. Clinical pharmacists serve as key team members in primary care clinics. Employment of pharmacists is projected to decline 3 percent from 2019 to 2029. Many experts believe that this is the future of the pharmacy profession. We’ll continue to highlight pharmacy careers of the future as the year progresses. Pharmacy is in a unique position in providing easily accessible expert health advice direct to customers, which leads to increased levels of patient self-care. Dr. Todd Sorensen joins Tim Ulbrich for a conversation covering many topics such as workforce challenges facing the profession of pharmacy, rising indebtedness, the change.org petition, and Todd’s vision for the future of the practice of pharmacy including dramatically expanding the number of pharmacists working alongside primary care providers. Pharmacists must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D. Employment of pharmacists … A pharmacy tech manage 340B in Paul Tran’s hospital where he works making pharmacy pay in Seattle. For the profession of pharmacy though, I think we are seeing a slow progression of adoption of new advances coupled with outside groups (e.g., start-ups) that want to disrupt how we get drugs to people. But that’s the thing, is a pharmacist only valued for their ability to dispense medications? Pharmacist reimbursement is linked to a product (dispensing fees for medications) rather than the care they provide to patients. Well, the good news is not only is the landscape of pharmacy changing, but in certain areas of pharmacy, the job market is literally booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012 Handbook, the median salary for pharmacists was $111,570 in 2010. APhA Vision for the Profession. “As pharmacists, we need to take charge of our profession and envision what we want our future practice to be,” Mobley Smith said. Proudly powered by WordPress, active){li-icon[type=linkedin-bug][color=inverse] .background{fill, Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center joins Owensboro Health, UK Board of Trustees Approves $6 Million Gift to Support Future Engineers From Eastern Kentucky, Second round of Co-Immunity Project shows high prevalence of infection in west Louisville, Using plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients, Climate change, ENERGY STAR and your building walk into a bar…, Meet Valerie Briones-Pryor, MD, with UofL Health, HEN aims to help grow the health-related community with strategic partners, UofL to launch healthcare cybersecurity curriculum, Spalding Collective Care Center tackles race-based stress and trauma, Bellarmine receives NSF grant to recruit students to STEM fields, New Pharmacy Arrangements Cause Harm to Drug Program, Kentucky-based Start-up is Simplifying HealthCare – One Payment at a Time. Perhaps you’ve come across the recent article in the Wall Street Journal. It is hoped that pharmacists in Kentucky will soon be able to provide an even wider array of services (e.g., tobacco cessation therapy, tuberculosis skin testing) by protocol (standing-order) from a physician for any patient that may come to the pharmacy meeting the criteria outlined in the protocol. I spend a lot of my time writing and pondering the implication of technology on the pharmacy profession… Residency education prepares pharmacists to take on practice in more specialized settings or with specific patient populations. I think even Idaho has expanded tech roles. How can I best prepare myself for the future of pharmacy? First, subscribers of the blog should have received an email on discounts for Pharmacy Technician’s Letter and Pharmacy Technician University. Keep a positive mindset. It is estimated that total expenditures for health care and medications will rise. Despite projections in some pharmacy settings such as the retail setting, it’s still a good time to be a pharmacist. The pharmacy profession will still exist in the future. You can advance. The demand for IT professionals in health care is so great that many medical facilities are seeking to hire from outside the industry! This month of January, I... read more, Week 2: Social Distancing - Establishing a new way of living... read more, What a year… What a decade it has been?

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