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Arizona Department of Health Services

Division of Behavioral Health Services
Gila River Regional Behavioral Health Authority Edition

Section 1.0 Scope

1.0.1 Introduction
1.0.2 References

1.0.1 Introduction

The Arizona Department of Health Services/Division of Behavioral Health Services (ADHS/DBHS) has developed a statewide Provider Manual template. Each Tribal and Regional Behavioral Health Authority (T/RBHA) has a T/RBHA specific Provider Manual, which includes content specific to their geographic service areas (GSAs) and communities. The Provider Manual describes public behavioral health system requirements for any entity that directly provides behavioral health services or provides monitoring and oversight of behavioral health services within Arizona’s public behavioral health system. These entities may include:
  • Behavioral health contracted and non-contracted providers, including those that provide emergency and post-stabilization services;
  • Behavioral health prevention services providers;
  • Regional Behavioral Health Authorities;
  • Tribal Regional Behavioral Health Authorities; and
  • State Behavioral Health Tribal Providers.

The ADHS/DBHS Provider Manual is applicable to defined populations that may access public behavioral health services. These populations include:

  • Title XIX and Title XXI eligible behavioral health recipients;
  • Title XIX and Title XXI enrolled behavioral health recipients;
  • Behavioral health recipients receiving emergency/crisis services;
  • Non-Title XIX persons determined to have a Serious Mental Illness;
  • Special populations, including persons receiving services through the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Performance Partnership (SAPT) block grant;
  • Non-enrolled persons participating in ADHS/DBHS prevention sponsored activities;
  • Non-enrolled persons participating in ADHS/DBHS HIV Early Intervention services;
  • Other populations, based on the availability of funding and the prioritization of available funding.

1.0.2 References
The following citations can serve as additional resources for this content area:

1.0 Scope
Last Revised: 03/1/2010
Effective Date: 03/1/2010

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