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Who is Gila River RBHA?

RBHA is located within the New Beginnings Building in Sacaton, Arizona.

The Gila River RBHA (Regional Behavioral Health Authority) is an agency that provides mental health care, substance abuse treatment, crisis services, and prevention services to residents of the Gila River Indian Community and enrolled members who live outside of the reservation. The Gila River RBHA was established in 1996 and is part of the Gila River Health Care Corporation. We are funded through the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Gila River Health Care Corporation.

The Gila River Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) celebrates National Parent Leadership Month

Since 2003, Parents Anonymous, Inc. has proclaimed February as National Parent Leadership Month. It is celebrated in order to recognize and honor parents for their leadership in their homes and communities. The Gila River RBHA will be participating in National Parent Leadership Month by acknowledging parents in the Indian community who have demonstrated great parenting skills such as role-modeling positive productive behavior, taking on leadership roles in the community such as a mentor or advocate, or helping a child achieve their academic potential by participating in school events and activities.

This year Gila River RBHA has awarded certificates of recognition to leaders in the Gila River Indian Community, and those who support meaningful relationships with the Native Americans from all over. This year’s recipients are: Mary Kim Titla from the Native American Youth Magazine; Kevin Pollins, a case manager from Gila River RBHA and Chairman of the Arizona Parents Commission on Drug Education and Prevention; and Eugene Kisto and his Fiancée Donnette Lewis, parents and community members from District 1 of the Gila River Indian Community. Thank you for all the work you do to better our families and communities.

The Gila River RBHA has joined the Parent leadership network, a unique online community that shares parent leadership opportunities. To join you may register for free at Gila River RBHA will also have a community bulletin board with resources and acknowledgements posted in the lobby of the New Beginnings building, behind the Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital in Sacaton. Other resource links that can assist parents include Parents Anonymous, the Native Youth Magazine, Parenting Arizona, and the Fresh Start Women's Foundation.

Methamphetamine Risks and Resources

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant drug made by mixing household chemicals that are used to unclog your drain, clean your car engine, power batteries, fertilize crops, and manufacture fireworks. Meth modifies the brain’s pleasure receptors by producing excess levels of dopamine, a natural chemical found in the brain. The excess dopamine allows the user to experience a fairly rapid, but brief rush, followed by a longer period of euphoria. After the euphoric feeling, the user will crash – a long period of lethargy, depression, paranoia, agitation, and other behavioral issues.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and destructive drug. Long-term use can cause permanent damage to the brain, and have devastating physical effects like extreme weight loss, hair loss, rotting teeth, and open sores or scars. The following signs are indicators of methamphetamine use:

  • increased heart rate
  • tense or anxious appearance
  • nervousness
  • chemical odor on breath
  • dilated pupil
  • extreme moodiness
  • false sense of power
  • inability to eat
  • excessive sweating
  • high energy
  • incessant talking
  • rapid speech
  • bloodshot eyes
  • irritability
  • severe depression
  • poor hygiene
  • disinterest in once pleasurable activities

Starting in mid-February, Janet Carpentier, Meth Therapist for the Gila River RBHA will begin the matrix Model Intensive Out Patient methamphetamine Program. For more information about the program you can contact Janet at 602-528-7174. If you or someone you know is showing signs of methamphetamine use please call Gila River RBHA at 602-528-7100 to learn more on how to get help.

How do I access the
Gila River RBHA for services?

Gila River RBHA staff are available to help answer your questions. We can help you:

  • Learn how to become a member and obtain services;
  • Learn about what services you can obtain;
  • Find a provider;
  • Get answers to your questions; and make a complaint.

To contact the Gila River RBHA for assistance call: (602) 528-1200 or (520) 562-3321. The Gila River RBHA office is located in the New Beginnings Building behind the Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital in Sacaton. Additional information about services provided through the RBHA is also available on this website.


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Phone: 602-528-1200 or 520-562-3321
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